Little Known Facts About 24 Hour Mechanic Las Vegas

You'll find nothing more pleasant than a smell of a new car. Very little can compare to the pleasant aroma that the blend of leather and plastic can provide. Of course, after awhile, many of us buy air fresheners to make it smell like vanilla or melons. This all is great since people have their own likes and dislikes. But, what will happen if you start taking note of an odd smell in your car. In this article we will be looking at smells you should not have in your car and what they could mean.

Certainly one of the first issues that pop into your head is a sick sweet smell. Usually this is caused by a leak in your coolant unit. Even though this is often a small leak, it is something 24 Hour Auto Repair Las Vegas you will want to get fixed right away before it causes other troubles. You can even encounter an smell that is very strong. If you have this strong smell, it may possibly mean that the heater core is leaking within Repair your car. This would need to be fixed without delay since breathing in the fumes could be dangerous.

You may also have the experience of the odor from 24 Hour Mechanic Las Vegas the tailpipe inside your car. It can be quite possible that there is a hole in your exhaust system. And when the smell is really bad it could also mean that your doors are not securing properly or you may have rusted out holes in your floorboards. Breathing the exhaust isn't good for your health at all so you will need to have this checked and fixed without delay.

Some time back, I decided to fill my auto up with gas and when I left the station, I still smelled gasoline. I did not think much about it at first and then the next day when I got in my car I could still smell the gas. It then turned out I had a drip inside the top of my gas tank. This is possibly just about the most dangerous smells because with the leaking gas even a small spark could ignite it. There isn't anything more horrifying than your fuel tank catching on fire. Therefore if you ever notice gasoline, get your car to a mechanic Mobile Mechanic Las Vegas immediately.

As a final point, you may experience the odor of rotten eggs emanating from your car. It is in all probability that the smell is caused by a clogged catalytic converter. It is not necessarily dangerous to your overall health but it could result in some damage to your car if it's not taken care of in a timely manner. So if you have that rotten egg smell, get your car in and have it checked out.

Obviously invariably you could end up detecting other things. So you would be wise to have your car examined to be sure everything is running fine.


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